Getting Sexy Back

This past summer I attended a women’s business retreat, and at the last session after hearing my coach explain how men and women operate and how our differences can work together to create magical, romantic relationships, I decided to jump back into dating right then and there. I was on

Cheers to 42

I love birthdays.  I didn’t wake up feeling much different on this cold and snowy morning of my 42nd birthday though. I mean there were a few after effects from the celebratory drinks from last night, but it wasn’t like I felt older or more accomplished. That is until I


Late September I went with a team to help with eye clinics in Kenya. I also wanted to check out the little orphanage that my church helps support. Half of my luggage was filled with clothes and supplies to bring to the little buggers. We had seven days of clinics

LOL…lots of love

It’s not official until it’s Facebook official, right? That was certainly the case yesterday. Two big announcements came through my feed from people that I love and adore. And when I saw the announcements I wanted to throat punch them. Hard. There I was enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon at

Big Magic

There are some people freaking out a bit. Why? Why are you exposing your life like this? Their concern is completely understandable. But things have changed. I have changed. I am on a mission to live out an example of what’s possible. The love. The relationships. The adventure. It’s all

Meeting You By Meeting Me

Dear Future Husband, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Although this will end up being a magical thing for you (as well as for me in the long run), at the moment I’m wallowing a bit in self-pity that it has taken this much time to figure out. Because I

Who Is In Your Top 5?

It has been said that the five people you spend the most time with will determine your success. Last fall I was definitely looking for success to rub off on me as I found myself unexpectedly unemployed without much of a game plan. I needed guidance. I needed someone to

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