LOL…lots of love

It’s not official until it’s Facebook official, right?

That was certainly the case yesterday. Two big announcements came through my feed from people that I love and adore. And when I saw the announcements I wanted to throat punch them. Hard.

There I was enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon at my parent’s, sipping on some wine, all cozied up on the couch, nonchalantly scrolling through Facebook, when BAM! With a glance at just one post, all the joy with my current status of the singlest single person ever vanished.

And then not too much longer it happened again. Another announcement of blissful coupledom.

Awesome. I can’t even make it to date number three and everyone around me is soooooo in loooooovvvve. Gross.

I quietly wallowed for the rest of the night with a promise to myself to be over it by morning. Because here’s the thing. My people are happy, and I am glad for that, but I needed a moment to feel sad for me.

I woke up this morning and finished working out the frowns at the gym, gave myself a pep talk in the shower, and after I was done curling my hair, winked at the girl in the mirror before beginning the rest of my day.

I reminded myself that my story isn’t finished. While my journey may be taking the long way around, there has been so much beauty in the detours and valuable lessons learned at the crossroads.

But I think the best realization is the example my people have shown of what’s possible.

True love does exist. A good man, the right man will never let you go. And happily ever afters are not just for fairy tales.

To my girls Lisa and Lindsey…thank you for staying true to you.

I love you.



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