The Truth


Last week I met some new people when I was in Vegas. And they were all fabulous. They came from different parts of the country with different backgrounds. And of course different stories.

C. particularly had a story. Such a good story. But C. was hesitant to share the grit and the details. When C. first told the story it wasn’t told from the beginning and some critical information was left out and I could feel it. So I asked questions. And after some discussion that felt a bit like a therapy session the true story was revealed and it was a beautiful masterpiece.

So what I wonder is, why is it easier for others to see us more clearly than we see ourselves?

I think part of it may be because one of the hardest things to do is look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the truth. To own your story. Because once you do there’s no turning back. You cannot un-know something. And when you know your truth there is the dilemma of doing something with it or about it. Or to it. So sometimes it’s easier to fog up the mirror and not deal. But that’s when trouble starts. Keeping the mirror clean is a tedious and never ending job but in the end the clear picture is always most valuable.

That is where I am right now. Looking at myself in the mirror, knowing my truth and owning my story. The beautiful thing is I know that I am capable of creating my own masterpiece.

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